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My name is Natalie and I am first and foremost mother of two wonderful girls. The sense of something creative, beautiful and sensual I got with a pregnancy hormones. This developed rapidly to great passion for photography. Since then I share my love with the children and families as a photographer with my clients.

As Lucky Memory Photography, I offer babybelly photography(pregnancy photography), child photography and family photography in Munich, Bavaria and abroad.

I did not invent the world of emotions, security and love. But I redesign the with the camera. In my pictures, I take the happiest moments of life the clients.

Family values in the foreground

Love & emotions 

Be it tender stroking of the baby’s belly and anticipation of the expectant parents on the newborn. Or I capture the tender and natural essence of the few days old baby. Or take on the bright eyes of the child or the love of the family.
I attach great importance not only to the quality and image design of the photos, but to the harmony and emotions in the pictures.

Nowadays, everyone has a camera in their smart-phone or tablet and shoots a variety of photos every day. The images are created quickly and disappear from our memory, because the quality and overall mood is usually barely there. You probably will not hang such photos in large format on the wall, put them in the beautiful picture frame, give them to relatives or show them to friends.

As a photographer, my vocation is the Create the lucky Moments for the ages, be it in the photo album, on the photo frame or in other photo products. The perfect scenery for the photographic memories offers us the nature itself, so I like to photograph outdoors in the park, forest, lake, etc .. It creates versatile and interesting photos and I take the  Energy, feelings, emotions and joy my little and big heroes start as best as possible.

At this point, I would like to sincerely thank my customers for the trust and for the enchanting moments with them. UAnd I can say for sure, I have the best and most emotional job in the world and I’m proud of it.

For the most beautiful memories, contact me. 

I´m glat to hear you!

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