I looked through a lot of websites. I originally had an idea about shooting in nature with guitars. Therefore, all studio photographers did not fit. The second criterion after my idea was naturalness, non-faking and successful photo composition. The third criterion: the proposed package (which includes the cost). On the Internet, I stumbled upon your site. Then I realized that I had found what I was looking for: naturalness, simplicity, a sense of proportion in processing. I liked that in the photo you can not look away from the person and that everything around, as it were, complements the main subject of the shooting. I liked the light "coffee" tone of the photo. The people in the photo are in harmony with nature, being, as it were, in their natural environment. Photos give a sense of idyll, solitude and distance and all the vain. In short, you watch and relax :)) Watching, you understand that only this moment is important, this lucky memory. The moment that will remain in your memory forever
Marina G.
Natalie, thank you for such great, colorful photos. Professional photos, a serious and responsible approach to your own work. It was so easy and informal a few hours have passed, where you have photographed our family. Also your incredible ability to inspire and communicate with children has produced such live photos. I hope we will have another photo session together.

Marina G.
Family- & Newborn Photoshooting


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